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i am milk. i am red hot kitchen.

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You know what i like more than a tall glass of hot chocolate on a rainy day?

A huge tumbler filled with warm ribena. Warm ribena is the best! I remember my mother used to pack it for me in my water bottle in primary school and i’d be so happy because i’d think it’s warm water and then realise it’s actually ribena. What a pleasant surprise!

Warm ribena makes me feel fuzzy in my tummy. Oh but you know what was even better than warm ribena in my younger days? Stolen chocolate and strawberry milk packets from the skinny kids. Ah the taste of victory!


Houston, we have a problem.

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I’m gonna need some sort of higher power to get me through this month.

Are you listening? *looks up* This is me paging you for assistance!

over and out.

101 uses for a man; who would have thunk it?

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Courtesy of T.UK. There were 101 things listed but i picked out my favourites.

1 Whistling at you in the street on your 41st birthday (this should be a state-funded initiative).

6 Opening all those terrifying brown envelopes that the bank will insist on sending you.

7 Catching spiders.

8 Bringing you tea in bed in the mornings.

9 Forgetting your anniversary, but then wildly overcompensating with a completely over-the-top gesture, preferably involving diamonds.

10 Making your limited capacity for grooving look positively Madonna-esque by dancing around you wildly, arms and legs jerking like a demented puppet.

11 Lending you (often without knowing it) a razor.

13 Ensuring that the children learn to play happily on their own by applying special male method of childcare, namely sitting on the sofa reading the paper while they set fire to the house.

17 Helping to keep you fit and supple by generously leaving towels, socks and other items of personal attire dotted around the floor for you to pick up.

19 Patronising you at parties.

22 Trying very hard to distract you in the delivery room by telling you about the time he got really badly constipated and had to go to hospital and, you know, the consultant said that sometimes the pain can be almost as bad as the agony of labour . . .

23 Using the last drop of milk before, very helpfully, putting the empty carton back in the fridge.

24 Looking nice in a dinner suit. Every man has an inner James Bond.

28 Loading all the glasses the wrong way up in the dishwasher.

29 Overfeeding the dog.

30 Saying, “Oh, so that explains it” in a cryptic voice the day you get your period.

32 Doing lots of very important pointing and shouting.

35 Feeding your children raw barbecue sausages (“It’ll build up their immune systems!”).

43 Not calling when he says he will.

44 Doing those really strange man-bonding handshakes.

45 Alphabetising your record collection.

46 Being able to wear the same pair of shoes for 25 years before buying a new pair.

47 Accidentally stroking your bottom while directing you to your chair.

54 Letting the lawn grow free and wild. It’s not a lawn, it’s an eco-meadow!

55 Warming the bed.

56 Making those trips to Ikea such a stress-free delight.

57 Reading, and actually understanding, instruction manuals for small electrical devices.

62 Standing behind you for emotional support as you creep downstairs to investigate those strange noises . . .

68 Having more hair on his legs than you.

70 Doing up the zip on your dress.

75 Sweetly buying you size 12 underwear when in actual fact you’re at least a size 16.

83 Opening jars (as loosened by you).

84 Regularly contracting obscure and incurable tropical diseases (as diagnosed on Google), only to recover miraculously just in time for the cricket.

85 Snoring.

87 Watering the toilet seat. What is it, a plant?

88 Doing the Atkins diet. Fried eggs, sausages, lard: what’s not to like?

90 Loving his mummy.

91 Making fire.

92 Putting things very helpfully in the general vicinity of the washing machine – but never switching it on (or hanging the stuff out afterwards).

99 Suddenly remembering a very pressing telephone call whenever there’s even the whiff of a dirty nappy.

101 Never (or only very occasionally) wanting to borrow your favourite dress.

Let’s make it happen.

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There’s a moment in life where you can’t recover any more from another break-up. And even if this person bugs you sixty percent of the time, well you still can’t live without him. And even if he wakes you up every day by sneezing right in your face, well you love his sneezes more than anyone else’s kisses.

– Two Days in Paris

damn, now i feel like watching this film again.

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Thought of the day.

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I like how Gaiman’s bio says: will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

It makes me smile every single time i read it. I might not have read all your works but i speak on behalf of the world when i say ‘Never grow up’.